Creating an online learning community with VDA

The phrase “It takes a village” has been evident since time immemorial. Some of the most monumental moments etched in history are the result of communities coming together to bring a substantial change. The power of community has changed a million lives for good. People have come together to build laws, monuments, cultures, and innovation. The world has moved forward, witnessing advancements in numerous domains from technology to entertainment.

The key that brings communities together is knowledge. The consistent sharing of ideas, philosophies, information has shaped up the world we live in today. Internet has further revolutionized knowledge sharing. Innovations are now a daily occurrence on a global level, fortunately because of the consistent sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Learning is a social activity by itself.

We learn through contact and discourse with other people who are competent in their fields. Speech and conversation with one another generate knowledge. Vertex Digital Academy is on a path where we are burning the midnight oil to create an online learning community. Such communities are essential to achieve a productive environment. The aim to build such a community is to provide participants with an interactive canvas of diverse reactions and feedbacks.

The ability to explore, think and innovate with Vertex will facilitate in skill development and better conceptual understanding which cannot be achieved by someone on their own self. These experiences instill a sense of belongingness, and camaraderie keeping the learners engaged and motivated.

There are multiple reasons for us to focus so deeply about creating an online community of learners and coaches. They will prove to be beneficial to both ends in numerous ways

  1. For students

Online learning community formed through our platform will make it easier for learners to participate and be vocal in groups. From online discussions with peers to conversing with the faculty everything rolls smoothly. It provides individuals with confidence to step up and interact with the group. The community will provide enjoyable, accessible ways for learners to engage with each other in order to grow in their professional lives.

The advantage of the community formed with Vertex is meeting and interacting with people who come from different tenures of experience. You get to expand your knowledge alongside learners spanning a range of ages, professional backgrounds, and life experiences enriching your education in unexpected ways.

As learners advance in their online learning journey with us, they will experience a sense of true connection and community at the core of their online learning community. The excitement of brainstorming together and sharing ideas will keep learners on their toes. Our communities are tailored for professionals, for them to learn new skills. It’s the ideal venue for brainstorming, since you are guided by expert faculty and the group’s diverse professional experiences.

When it comes to communities, it is one of the most precious tools for professionals who may not have enough time for themselves. It is the perfect way to merge academics into your daily lives along with every day jobs.

  1. 2. Problem Solving Ability Sharpens

With skill-based learning, you expand the ability of your own mind to work at a higher level and to solve problems that once seemed more complex. This happens because each time you improve through the learning process; your neurons are making new connections and accelerating the speed at which you can solve problems and situations.

  1. For Coaches

Vertex learning communities provide a sense of belongingness to students and coaches alike. An active community formed by learners and coaches facilitates easy ways to share best practices and brainstorm innovative ways to improve learning and driving learner engagement.

The ability to gain instant feedbacks on our platform will allow coaches to take a new teaching approach for the ease of learning of their course participants. This community will encourage coaches to reflect on their teaching practices and learner outcomes.

Collaboration with such education technology platforms allows coaches to learn new and innovative ways to impart knowledge to their learners. It forces them to find new ways every week to enhance learner engagement keeping them updated about latest industry trends. The ability to create a healthy discussion room along with teaching is what enhances the overall learning experience and also enables a coach understand every individual’s level of understanding

The constant involvement with professionals within the Vertex community by the coach will form a long-lasting network. A valuable course conducted on such forums spreads a good word across the community about the immense potential of the coach earning them added credibility.

Imagine after a long day’s work, errands and household chores learners manage to find time to get on the learning train. It's a lonely life, watching course videos alone, reading alone and studying alone. If only learners could talk with other students about their learning experiences, struggles, assignments and ideas. A learning community created by our platform will aid learners and help them engage with fellow peers and their online coach. Active learning helps information go from short term to long term.