Are you future ready with skill-based learning?

There is a vast difference between just having book knowledge and understanding how to apply it for maximum benefit. In fact, putting the information you already know into practice is fundamental and the most effective way to build upon what you have learned.

In the intense professional environment today, more and more recruiters are focusing on the value and importance of skills. A deep understanding of the job profile accompanied by the ability to execute with clarity, conviction, and efficiency is the winning alliance. Apart from the traditional degrees and academic certifications, there is also a newfound, deep understanding and appreciation for those who highlight their skills as part of what is special about them.

Skill-based learning is an opportunity when you are looking to enhance your knowledge in an area you are passionate about along with conventional subjective knowledge.

E-learning platforms have expanded their offerings with many amazing online skill-based courses.

These learning courses are designed with a learn-on-the-job style model, focusing on real problems set in real environments. These courses are designed to cover a range of topics and use tools like artificial intelligence, data analysis, coding, etc.

On a legitimate e-learning platform, a good skill development course could range from a short module to a 6-month-long stint. It is usually curated in collaboration with experts in an industry or veterans of a particular field. Some skill-based learning requires you to work in the corporate environment, learning directly from the daily task list.

Skill-based learning works whether you are in college and preparing yourself for the real world ahead or even when you are already in the corporate environment and looking to sharpen your skills or add an exciting new component to your resume or skill set.

The world is focusing a lot more on skill-based learning and therefore it is time to find a course that fits into your schedule and prepares you to be one step ahead. A good skill-based course offers you flexibility and affordability as well as ensures you finish the course with a recognized and certification.

If you focus on this style of learning, you will notice immediately a variety of personal benefits.

  1. 1. Faster Learning

When you apply yourself to a problem in a skill-based class, the information is being processed via multiple channels and interactive approaches and hence these approaches can help you grasp a concept much quicker than traditional learning methods.

  1. 2. Problem Solving Ability Sharpens

With skill-based learning, you expand the ability of your own mind to work at a higher level and to solve problems that once seemed more complex. This happens because each time you improve through the learning process; your neurons are making new connections and accelerating the speed at which you can solve problems and situations.

  1. 3. A Sense Of The Real World

The real world does not work in isolation. There are pressure situations, timelines, scenarios that do not feature in academic texts. Only skill-based and applied training can show you how to tackle a real-time job to the best of your abilities.

  1. 4. Potential To Get A Great Job

As part of skill-based training, sometimes you are exposed to the work environments of actual firms of great reputation. Here you build a rapport and have a better chance of getting absorbed into the office when the learning period is over.

In a recent FICCI-NASSCOM & EY report, by 2022, 9% of India’s estimated workforce of 600 million people will be deployed in job profiles we have not even created today. 37% of the Indian workforce might still be in traditional profiles but with a radical difference in the skill requirement.

Positioning yourself well for a good future means adding a skill-based course to your repertoire, so get started now!